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Shawn Hart with David Wu

17 Years Partnership

“I’ve been working closely with David Wu and Panther Group since 2002. Panther Group has consistently taken all of the worry and guesswork out of sourcing in China for me and my many businesses. David, Tony, and the team at Panther Group are highly recommended by me. Let Panther Group use their experience and connections to streamline your overseas trading business”

by Shawn Hart

"The Panther Group is our secret weapon for doing business in China! They have helped us and hundreds of our top clients to navigate the intricacies of sourcing and working with suppliers in China. The cultural differences often make negotiations and relationships difficult to manage, but we can always count on them to be by our side to help us through even the most complex situations. We highly recommend the Panther Group if you are serious about doing business in China."

By Wilson Mattos

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