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Sourcing Service

Our Sourcing Service will take care of everything for you — from finding suppliers to delivering
the product to the final destination — allowing you to sit back while we carry out the process.
Services include: Product Sourcing, Factory Visits & Audit, Price Negotiation, Order
, Relationship Management, International Payments and more

Product Sourcing

With our wide range of contacts, our regular trips to factories and trade fairs, and our 15+ years of experience, we can find any product you desire.

  1. Register as a Member.

  2. Tell us what you need.

  3. We will send you a quote per unit.

  4. The quotation will include: up to 3 Potential Suppliers, the Unit Price, MOQ,Packaging, and Lead Time.

  5. With your approval, we will proceed to process your order.

Factory Visit & Audit

In order to maintain our strong relationships with the Chinese factories that produce our goods, we regularly visit and inspect them. This frequent communication helps sustain product quality and yield the best possible trading terms to save you money. From our visits, you will gain an accurate understanding of the factory's production capacity, quality management system, production process and so on.


Furthermore, our Factory Audit allows you to recognize  problems before order confirmation and production, which will aid you greatly in choosing a qualified and reliable factory.

Price Negotiation

We have the contacts to scour the industrial regions of China for the best price for importing your product. We have existing relationships with numerous factory owners and have already negotiated excellent trading terms for existing clients and can pass on the same benefits to you. With over 15 years of experience, we have an understanding of production costs for many different products of varying levels of complexity; this double check, coupled with obtaining multiple prices for comparison, ensures that you are paying the best possible price for your product at the quality you expect.

Order Control

When we have a product sourcing result or if you already have a supplier and are ready to place the order, our Customer Service team will start to deal with all aspects of the purchase.

  1. Register as a Member.

  2. One of our Customer Service Representatives will be assigned to assist your order.

  3. Your Customer Service Representative will go over all the order details with the supplier and double check with you simultaneously.

  4. We will issue a formal contract in Chinese with the supplier.

  5. Wire us the order deposit, and we will pay the supplier to start production.

  6. Before production finishes, wire us the order balance, and we will pay the supplier when picking up the products.

  7. We will help you arrange product inspection and shipping if needed.

Relationship Management

With over 15 years experience in this business, we know the solutions to every issue that could arise. We are also aware of how business is conducted in China; networking and culture is an important part of building a lasting and mutually beneficial relationship with suppliers. Thus, we can create a strong bridge between you and your supplier as well as customize solutions for your business.

International Payment

When you place an order with Panther Group, your money is transferred to us which we will use to pay all your suppliers. Therefore, you can avoid multiple international transaction fees by paying us once, especially if you are working with multiple suppliers at the same time. Our Financial Team will check the suppliers’ business licenses and credit statuses before paying them to prevent any form of fraud. This simplified process will reduce your risk of accidentally paying the wrong supplier or paying a bogus account, saving you both time and money.

Dispute Resolution

Our years of experience have shown that there are occasions when, despite all efforts, a product is not supplied as expected. Resolving disputes that may arise from this situation can be difficult if you are on your own or if you order small quantities from a factory. However, with the buying power of Panther Group (from all our international clients), factories work hard to resolve these issues in order to secure future orders. Our existing relationship and contacts in China are invaluable when it comes to resolving difficult issues and minimizing risk.

Intellectual Property & Patents

We will protect your intellectual interests for you. We understand the need to protect and maximize your share of your market, so be assured that we will never supply your competitor and will always work to prevent factories in China from selling your designed product to others. Our relationships with Chinese factories and the promise of future work solidifies verbal agreements of secrecy and exclusive rights.

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