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​Photography Service

If you need professional images of the package, product, and specific unique features of the
product or if you need a short video presenting how to use the product, our professional
photographer will generate and edit them according to Amazon regulations or other platform’s standards.
It is a great way to save money and time to start your listing ahead of time for your products
sourced in China.



We have a professional photo booth set up in our office and can help you shoot all
different types and sizes of products. Moreover, we are aware of the photo requirements of Amazon and other platforms.

Action Image & GIF


Action Images & GIFs mainly show the item in use, helping customers understand the product
and how it looks like when in use.

Lifestyle Image


Lifestyle images mainly give the customers an idea of the atmosphere of the product in use, allowing them to envision themselves utilizing the product. It is also a great way to show the detailed functions of the product.

Lifestyle Image with Model


Lifestyle images with a model give customers an even better understanding of how to use the product. The customer will also have a better understanding of the product size when a model is present in the picture.

Graphic Addons


Graphic Add-ons will help clients understand the product better by including its Dimensions, an Element Enlargement Circle, and Explanations of specific elements of the product, etc.

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