Product Sourcing

A comprehensive quotation sheet with detailed information and photographs

What's Include:

  • Up to 3 Potential Suppliers

  • Unit Price

  • Minimum Order Quantity

  • Packing

  • Lead Time

  • Product Picture

Factory Audit

Result include a report with detailed commentary and photographs

What's Include:

  • In-person visit to the factory of your choice by our audit team

  • Verification of safety and quality standards

  • Viewing of the product you are about to order, or other products being produced in the same factory

  • Audit Report

Order Control

Full Service: from place the order all the way to deliver the products

What's Include:

  • One Customer Service Representative assist you throughout the entire order, always talk to one person.  

  • Go over the order details between you and the supplier

  • Issue formal contract in Chinese

  • On Time payment to us, we will send out multiple payments to suppliers

  • Arrange product inspection and shipping if need

Inspection Charge

What's Include:

  • In-person visit to your manufacturer’s factory by our inspection team  

  • A random inspection of the products and the factory, completed in accordance with a set of standards set forth by both you and our inspection team

  • Comprehensive inspection report with detailed comments and photographs

  • Pre-shipment inspections are charged at a price of $220 for one man-day, and $200 per each day after. The majority of inspections typically only last for one day.

Product Labeling

What's Include:

  • Material Cost

  • Labor Cost


  • Barcode (UPC/FNSKU): $0.15/unit

  • FBA Shipping Label: $0.2/Carton

  • Special Label (Suffocation Label/Sold as a Set Label): $0.2/unit

Packshot Photo

What's Include:

  • 5 White Background 3000*3000 Pixel Photo