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Prep Service

If you are already sourcing your products from Chinese manufacturers, we can provide an array of services to ease that process for you. Services include: Product Inspection, Labeling, Packing, Bundling, and any other Fulfillment by Amazon or Dropshipping preparation for your product.

Product Inspection

Inspecting your products in China reduces the risk of receiving sub-par goods from the supplier and ensures that quality is upheld to protect your brand. We offer pre-inspection of your products in China, which is completed before you make your final payment to the supplier and before your products get shipped.

This inspection is completed on a random portion of your shipment and a random part of the manufacturer’s facilities. You can provide our inspection team with specific instructions when you place your order.

After the inspection, a comprehensive report will be emailed to you which will include a score of “pass”, “reject”, or “pending” with detailed comments and photographs as to why the sample of products received those scores.

Product Labeling

In case you do not have your barcode printed on the product package, we can help you label your products.

All we need is for you to send us the product label (i.e. Amazon FNSKU or Amazon FBA Label). Our team will take care of the rest, including packing all of the units and preparing them for shipping.

Branded Packaging & Private Labeling

We understand that branding and packaging is a critical component of any product presentation, building your consumers' confidence and driving future sales. We are mindful of the expectations of Western consumers and will work with the factory to ensure that those standards are met. Our branding and packing experience means that we can assist you in getting this done correctly, by relaying specific instructions to the factory.

Packing & Bundling

We can bundle almost anything: 2 items from the same supplier, 3 different items from different suppliers — in a polybag, heat-shrink wrap, in your own design box, etc.

Package Options

In case you want to create a new package for your product, we can offer you layout designs for a simple carton box with a special cut of EVA foam to protect the items in the box, as well as designs for fabric bags, etc.

Printing Service

We provide high-quality printing service for packages, inserts, and more — whatever you need, we can do it.


We can print any quantity of items based on your design.

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